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Marginal Gains

I’m a nerd.

I obsess over details even when I don’t fully understand the bigger picture. I genuinely, without any sense of irony or sarcasm, love graphs and data and tracking stuff, percentages, facts and figures, variables and numbers! Oh man, I fucking love numbers. One night, I remember trying to find out what the biggest factorial I could work out in my head was (13! Pretty happy with that!). What a catch. And I try to apply that to as many things as I can.

I have been known to use projection analysis and averages to work out just how long I will have to grind at an RPG to reach a requiste level. I get upset when a game tracks my progress and tells me I am 67% complete, because that means I’m nearly finished and I was really enjoying this game! The only reason I recently commited to a budget plan was that I was told I could use a spreadsheet. I excel at those….

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The Great Non-Finisher

I am a starter of things. A collector of hobbies. Compulsively grass-is-greener and oh-so-fucking-easily distracted. I lack possibly every modicum of discipline and self-control.  Basically, I’m a big fucking child. Honestly, I can hardly walk down the aisle of a supermarket without thinking “Ooh, I AM really in the mood for a pomegranate. In you go..”, “Now, I don’t need half a dozen jars of salsa, but at that price, I’d be crazy not to.” No dude, you already are crazy.

I am an advertiser’s dream. I sell shit to myself. Just point me at something and tell me that it’s slightly different to the thing that came before it and I’m golden. And then something else comes along and I drop the original thing, whatever it may be, and leave it to collect dust whilst I get my “THIS IS NEW AND SHINY AND COOL!” kicks from the new thing. Then that wears off and the cycle repeats itself. It’s financial masturbation, and I know it’s wrong but-OH-LOOK-A-SALE! Deferred gratification is not my bag.

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