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Radiata – Devlog 3: Little Victories

(A new build is live, play it and let me know: smimons.itch.io/radiata)

So I probably should’ve written this about a week and a half ago, after I got on a bit of a roll and fixed a lot of key problems with the the build as it was. Real life caught up for a while and now I’m trying to remember thought processes and to-do lists from ten days ago, and it’s a little difficult. Continue reading

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Radiata – Devlog 1

As if I need more interests or hobbies to compete with my time, I’m making a videogame. A proper, real actually playable game. I recently threw together a text-adventure using the Twine engine, but obviously text games have limits. I want to make something mechanical and ‘gamey’.

I’m taking up this weird challenge party because I obviously really enjoy and appreciate games and want to contribute in some way, partly because it’s been a long time since I feel I have applied my brain to learning a new skill (Up until a month ago, I had zero knowledge of game development or coding), but mainly just because I think it will be fun. Here goes nothing. How hard can it be? Continue reading

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